Boy's Room with Closet Loft

green bed boys room

I'm diggin' my son's room.  Is it because he now has my dream green bed?  Perhaps...

rock collection kids room display

His desk and nature display is pretty awesome, too.  Sometime I plan on refinishing the lamp base...

His Eric Carle inspired artwork that he entered in the fair is right above his Trumpet that hangs on a rhinoceros hook.  The book shelf is an Ikea shelf turned on it's side.  You can also peak into his orange closet with loft.

closet loft

He still accesses the loft via our utility ladder....we have yet to make steps.  Games and puzzles are stored on his shelves, but usually this space is used as a fort when friends come to play.

DIY pottery barn train table

Legos find themselves everywhere but I try to encourage puzzles to be done on his little 'train table.'

For before and during shots please check out the following photos:

The closet was insane.  We had just moved in and Dan built some shelves to store our tubs o crap really important items.  Is it lost?  No, it's probably in the play room closet....

support for kids play loft

After it was a fun playroom with a loft, it became son 1.0's bedroom:

You may recognize the dresser from my laundry room.