Boy's Room With Train Track


blue and orange boys room  

My youngest son, kid 3.0, loves his room.  The bright green leaves and the orange curtains are from Ikea.  The shelving is from Pottery Barn Kids, the bed is from Craigslist.

His adorable colorful needlepoint animals were made by my mother and were in my bedroom when I was little.

The framed alphabet above his bed is from a giant Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book that was missing pages.  Lucky me I found it in the trash in my friend Herschbach's Kindergarten classroom (also the artist behind the crayon melt).  You can also see a train that runs on a track around the top of his room, through his closet and then into the kid's office.

The monkey was a request by son 1.0 who has since moved on to a new room.

The little kitchen we moved out of my daughter's room, which magically makes her room SOOOO much cleaner since it was kid 3.0 that played with it all the time anyway.  You can see here another train above the window.

I'm glad we took the door off to his closet.  I also removed a lot of built in cabinets that I thought I needed when we moved in.  If I have hidden storage, things accumulate.....or maybe breed behind the doors.  So now I have labeled containers of items such as: "Toys to grow into", "Seasonal Books", "Off Season Pajamas", etc.  Continue on my home tour (Not totally updated yet....)


Here is an older photo of the room:

We used to have the little bunk bed from Ikea.  Dan sprayed it green for us (thank you Dan).  Kid 1.0 used it for a couple years and the original intent was for the boys to share a room.  Best laid plans....yada yada.  It was a great bed, but the room was already so dark, we decided to pass it on which opened up the room for more light.

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