Reinventing Furniture - Bookshelf Turned On It's Side

Remember last week when I was showing you the 'before' pictures of the kids rooms?  Well I've been hard at work upgrading, reinventing and shifting furniture around.


I showed you how this shelf had moved around my house quite a few times.  I love versatile furniture.

Because of a new desk, my son's bookshelf needed to be relocated.  Space was an issue so I thought to turn the shelf on it's side.

This bookshelf was not designed to be on it's side.  The top and bottom moldings are different sizes so it would not work with out reinstalling the feet.


I simply drilled a couple holes to move it's legs.

Part of one of the feet shows a bit of the raw wood.  Eventually I will color it in with a marker.


I think it looks great and it works perfectly for our needs.  We secured it to the wall which I recommend doing to all your tall furniture.  My son organized his books and looks forward to labeling the shelves soon.