Spray Painting A Metal Shelf

I've been tackling the unsightly area behind the door in my office.  I had a table that basically worked as a cover for baskets of crap art supplies, and was a great place for sewing if you like to do that in the dark with a flash light....(been there done that).  An armoire or fantastically perfect wooden shelf has not been presented before me in my random craigslist searches or thrift store shopping trips.

Tired of waiting, I decided to go totally functional and get a metal garage shelf from Home Depot.


I set part of it up in the backyard, and placed the extra shelf brackets on the cardboard around it.


Using Satin Lagoon Rusto-oleum spray paint, I turned the utilitarian shelf into a fun accent in my office.

The shelves themselves actually have a grey brown veneer on them which is a plus, since I had expected total particle board.  Like the curtains you see peaking at you on the right?  Almost done with those....I ran out of trim.  I'll show them to you soon!