Eric Carle Inspired Artwork


Don't you love his smile?  So sincere!

My son received his first ribbon at the Nevada State Fair a couple weeks ago.

eric carle inspired artwork

This Eric Carle style collage was all his idea.  The Windows home screen on the computer provided another source of inspiration for my little artist.

Using acrylic paints, he painted butcher paper in big blocks of color.

I provided a reclaimed cabinet doorfrom Habitat for Humanity to use as a frame.  Using a ruler, he folded the edges of the painted paper so that it fit the recessed section of our cabinet frame.

He then cut a basic straight line across the bright green grass, added a couple curves of dark green for hills and placed it all on top of his bright blue background.  Three trees and two clouds later he brushed on Mod Podge.


Next, using his own body, he showed me the positions that he wanted the two playing kids.  I drew these body shapes for him on a scratch paper.  Then I took each body part of the two kids and drew them independent from each other, and on the back of the coordinating colored papers (ie: red for the shirts, blue for the pants, peach for skin and browns for hair).  My son cut out each shape and we positioned them together on top of the now dried landscape.  Very carefully he positioned them into place and added one more final coat of mod podge under the people and over the whole piece.

It was literally still wet when we put it in the car and headed out for pizza and then to the fair.  After they called his name, he sat with the judge and explained the process and inspiration for his design.  The judge was very impressed and my son received a perfect score.

He is very excited about his prize, even though all peewee participants receive giant rainbow ribbons.