Laundry Room - Waiting - Part III

So this is what my laundry room looks like now.  The ladder is from my son's loft but hopefully we'll build a ladder there and I can keep this in the laundry room or find a nice new one.  It fits very nicely to the right of the washer and dryer.  I won't need to get to the high cabinets ...until I need to.  I've put infrequently used appliances and extra cleaning supplies in them.  On my shelf I have bins and buckets with cleaning supplies.  In the dresser I have animal brushes, rags, sunscreen, and a drawer for each kid containing hats and gloves, etc. (Someday I'll show you.) Basically I'm testing out the functionality of this design.  If I love it, perhaps I'll keep it very similar to this.  If I need to tweak it, I can always put in built in cabinets designed to meet my needs.  Apparently I'm afraid of commitment.


So here is where the next step will be taken in the transformation of the room.  I need to order a sink, counter top and lower cabinets. I'd like doors on the left, one of which will have a kitty door to the litter.  On the right I need a shelf.  I will have the laundry basket on the top shelf and the dog food on the bottom.  I'd like to have a pull down drying rack for clothing above the sink area.  We are going to cover all the walls in wainscoting because it's cool, and, well, it will be cheaper then dry walling and patching the whole thing.

Wish us luck...

If you have any suggestions I'm all ears!