Spray Painting & Glazing My Entry Bench

turquoise entry bench
A quick tutorial on spray painting and glazing a wooden bench
The entry to my home used to look like this.  Unfortunately the chandelier remains.
The rug?
Well, that is a different story.  You can talk to my cat, Milton about that.  So for now it has been replaced by a small washable Costco thing.
upcycled old window pane hanging shutter wall

The entry looks a bit more like this now.  An additional window hung, the buffet cabinet turned around and I finally found a bench!  I wanted it to be a fun pop of color that would perhaps coordinate with one of the shutters from the shutter wall in my dining room.  One of the requirements however was that I find the color in spray paint.  I've read various tutorials on spray painting furniture and I hadn't attempted it in years so it was on my list.

sand with 200 grit paper

I roughened up the wood with a fine 200 grit sand paper.  You can see it here balancing on top of a couple wooden boards laying on two saw horses and then covered in a plastic tarp.

spray paint zinsser primer

Next, I spray painted one good coat of Zinsser primer over the bench.

spray painting tutorial wooden bench

Next coat? Rust-oleum Lagoon.

[googlead] The primer dries fairly quickly, but the paint needs a longer wait time between coats.  Try to keep your hand at an equal distance from the piece of furniture as you spray.  I went ahead and over sprayed off the bench before reversing my stroke.

how many coats of spray paint

Don't apply the paint too thick.  You can see a lot of white shows through after the first coat. Better to have multiple thin coats then a big goopy one!

Even with careful painting, drips can occur.  If the drip is prominent, you may want to sand it a bit with the 200 grit (once dry) before applying any more coats.

glaze ratio to paint

Using Behr glaze medium, I mixed three parts glaze to one part dark (very dark) brown paint.

Each part of the bench (arm, leg, front, side, top) was brushed and then wiped until the desired look was achieved before moving onto the next section (similar to my fireplace).

turquoise bench with shutter wall

The end color is a bit brighter then any shutter on my shutter wall, but I think it is a fun addition to my entry way.

What do you think?  Have you tried spray painting furniture or glazing yet?


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