Old Window Pane with Hand Made Glass Beads

I've always loved the look of windows used inside as decoration. Perhaps it's my love ofblurring outdoor elements with indoor.


I have a very open floor plan and have decided to hang an old paned window in my entryway, blocking one of three large openings to my dining room.  You can also view the window in my Home Tour.


This old window has been collecting dust in my garage for a couple years waiting for it's 'moment to shine.' Meanwhile one of the panes broke. So....it waited even longer. Other items sitting for their moment were a handful of glass beads I made when I took a glass art class at the community center.
Somehow the thought of both the window and beads landed in my head at the same time.
After removing all the broken glass using needle nose pliers, I predrilled holes to the interior of the pane's frame. This was one of those 'think of it now, do it now' projects and I used materials that I had in my garage. The eye hooks were brass, so I spray painted them gray and twisted them into place. The wire is the kind you would buy at home depot. Because of myFlowers in Vase project, I was introduced to the world of jewelry and crafting wire. If I did this project again I would use a higher quality wire.
The windows are hanging from two eye hooks with a 1/4" quick link as a connecter. One eye hook is in the ceiling with a drywall anchor and the other is twisted into a predrilled hole in the top of the window.
I did not center the window between the pillars of my entry way because I had originally planned to hang a second window next to it, using similar techniques with wire and beads. I found my second window at a salvage shop, also missing one pane.
While waiting for the time to work on my project, it found it's place at the top of my 72 drawer card catalog. I like it up there for now and have plenty of other projects to fill my time. Only time will tell if it will hang next to the other window.
I found a couple other windows for $1.01 at a garage sale. It was kind of a joke but I did pay him a penny for the second one. They found a home hanging in my guest room above my antique iron bed at my first home with my hubby (an adorable little guest house in Escondido). But now they hang out in storage......waiting.