Glazing the Fireplace

green glaze fireplace

I updated my fireplace with green paint and brown glaze.   I've used a glazing technique before with paint and/or stain on my shutter wall, my wall candle holder, a metal lamp and various other projects.  However this time I used a glazing medium.

First I primed my fireplace with an oil primer.  Then I painted it a wonderful green called "Bay Leaf" by Martha Stewart.

bay leaf martha stewart paint

I loved the green however it was a bit too light for this project, so I went back to Home Depot and got a darker green called "Okra", also by Martha.

okra paint martha stewart
glazing fireplace

You can see the difference between the two greens.  Honestly the first one would have looked lovely, but I was influenced by the little ooo's and ahhhs of my husband and and he had expected a darker color.  So.....being the indecisive Libra that I am, I ran off to change to my mind.

glazing fireplace
This time I used Behr Glaze mixed half and half with a chocolate color eggshell paint.  After applying the glaze/paint with a brush, I wiped it away with a towel until it showed brown only in the crevices.  Working in small sections I split the fireplace into the top of the mantel, the mantel, each side and then the bottom along the floor.  I kept a water spray bottle handy to dampen the glaze/paint in case I wasn't working quick enough to achieve a consistent look.  I only used the spray a couple times and it came in helpful to give extra time when sections were drying.
Here is the fireplace before the glaze:
glazing fireplace
and after the glaze:
glazing fireplace
green and glaze fireplace
Katie over at Bower Power has an Amazin' Glazin' tutorial as well as Brooke at All Things Thrifty.

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