Kids Room Update 1.0

My house keeper came today.  I'm so fortunate to have the luxury of someone helping me clean house once a week. BUT I still couldn't get pictures of the kids rooms before they had partially undone what I paid someone to do.  Because I've had numerous requests, I will share them with you now anyway.  They have changed a bit from my home tour, but are all in a state of progression that is not really worthy of quality documentation.

I'm pleased to announce that my dream green bed has found a new owner.  Son 1.0 is so excited about it that he brags about the size all the time.  I need to hang his reading lights, transfer items from his metal filing cabinet to another type storage, move his plant and rearrange the shelving situation.  He desperately needs to clean out his desk too.  I'm thinking that perhaps this kid just can't have drawers for the accumulation factor alone.  My grandfather actually made this desk for his mother many years ago.  My father used it in school and then I used it.

And his bookshelf.....

If you've been around, you've probably seen it reinvent itself all over my house.

As you can see, there is still much to do in the development of this room.

His closet has changed to hold more of his clothes so we could get rid of his space invading dresser that found a new home in the laundry room.

And you may notice there is no access to his loft?  That's because his ladder is also (temporarily) in my laundry room.

child game loft

I love his loft.  Probably more then he does since he honestly doesn't use it that much.  Or maybe because that's because there is no ladder?

I took pictures of daughter 2.0 and son 3.0's rooms as well today and will share them with you in the near future...