New Table And Chairs For My Shutter Wall!

I lucked out.  I really did.  A couple months ago my friend Tessa calls me...."How long did you say you wanted your new dining table to be?"  I was thinking ten feet, but she came across a fantastic find I could NOT pass up.  All TWELVE feet of it!

Tessa texted me this photo from a garage sale.  Not exactly what I had in mind for my dining room, but I love it when my furniture chooses me!


The whole thing has seen better days, and despite some decent scratches it's still in pretty good condition.

After disassembling parts of the base, we (we meaning two guys and Dan) loaded it into the back of Dan's truck.

No, it did not slide in any further.  Yes Dan took the back roads.  No he had no red flag.  I said WhA?  Why didn't you just take your shirt off and tape it to the back?  He said, why don't you take YOUR shirt off?

 A bit of glue...
A couple fresh screws...

...and some help from a friendly neighbor to help Dan carry in the top WHICH by the way is complete with gum AND name carvings on the edges.

It used to be a conference table from UNR.  Although I considered cutting down the top to make it ten feet, I'm learning to love the extra length.  Thanksgiving at my house this year?  I'm definitely going to live with it 'as is' for a couple years before deciding if and how I will refinish it.  The top is veneer and I'd hate to sand through.  Have you heard of Soda Blasting?  It's a gentle way to refinish old wood.  The quote for soda blasting my table was $200 and just not in my current cards.  You'd cry in jealousy if I told you the deal I made in buying this table.  So I won't.  But I will say that you need to check out Tessa's store here in Reno called The Nest where you can find other fantabulous items.  Someday soon I'll tell you all about her shop.

And do you love my new chairs?  They are vintage Herman Miller Eames era fiberglass wingback arm chairs purchased from Ebay seller, Jasperandre.  Jaci at jasperandre wasn't planning on shipping these chairs as they were marketed for local pick up but she made an exception for me when I told her how I had fallen in love with them.  Thanks Jaci!