PT & Foam Ducks


Went to physical therapy for my knee today.  Turns out I sprained it in Zumba class last April 26.  I hobbled around for my Austin, Texas - Country Living trip and I've been hobbling around since.  Today was my third therapy session and my first was Tuesday. When scheduling, I forgot that all three kids were going to be home with me at 10:00 am.  So we came armed with an i-pad, a couple books and the game Battleship that we picked up at the thrift store yesterday for four bucks.  It may have looked like I had my hands full, but if you compare it to three and a half years ago when I had a three month old, there's no way I could have done that by myself.  So really, things are getting easier right?

Later, after some lunch and ultimate room disorganizing I pulled out the Play Foam that the San Jose Durrer's gave us for Christmas.  Literally, I pulled it out.  It has been stuck between the rear seat in our van that turns into a bed with the push of a switch.  So, five months later it was really wedged in there...

You may be saying, hold it...what?


You have a van with a motorized bed in the back?

And I say....Hells yes.  And it is the awesomist.

play foam

Kids had fun.  Until they didn't.  Daughter 2.0 is really tired from staying up way past her bedtime with me watching three back to back episodes of Design Star.

Someone used her duck to create something "like that" (unworthy of such destruction).

The duck pictured above is our attempt to put it back together after 20 minutes of hysterical sobbing.  But her cake is still cute!  And don't you love the new "window" in her mouth?  (She lost it two days ago and came up with that term today).

That's about it for our day.  I love summer.