Kids Room Update 2.0

Like I mentioned last week in the update on son 1.0's room, these photos reflect a very in-between status in decorating.  They also show off a lot of clutter that I was too lazy to hide.

Daughter 2.0's bed has a box springs now that has raised her bed up to Mt Everest heights.  They literally climb up the bench at the foot of the bed to get in.  Yes, I said "they" as both daughter 2.0 and son 3.0 sleep together (ahhhhh, how cute).  She definitely needs curtains since Dan and I removed the plantation shutters.  No we didn't need them for our shutter wall, they just made her room so dark.  Except now, it's light until nearly ten at night so we are finding it impossible to get them to sleep.

I'm thinking of putting a desk in-between these two bookshelves and added a molding all the way across and a bulletin board over the desk... might be kind of cute.  I'm hoping to get started on these projects soon, but every time I think I'll have a free moment's gone.  How does that happen?  Oh ya...three kids.