Laundry Room - The Disaster - Part 1

The laundry room. Oh my.

laundry room before picture

So here is a picture of my neighbor's laundry room which is nearly the same as mine. (I forgot to take a before picture). It's a close up cuz I didn't have my wide angle lens yet.


removing cabinets in laundry room

Back in fall of 2009, I decided to ask Dan and my father in law to help me rip out the lower cabinets.  They were the kind that basically have way too much hidden storage and just take up wasted space.  We said we'd live with it like that for like six months to decide what we wanted to do next.


Conveniently we were able to fit a lot more into the room like a temporary dog pen.

The possibilities are too great for a Libra like me. it is two and a half years later.

Complete with lamp shades, infrequently used appliances and a hoarder's collection of plastic lids.

take everything out of the room

This week we decided to start making some changes in the long over due development of ......The Laundry Room.

Dun Dun Dun....

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!