Laundry Room - Moving Heavy Furniture - Part II

  take everything out of the room

Remember my laundry room explosion?

Dan is uber busy at work and so I hired a local handy man to help move all of our cupboards to the ceiling.  When Dan came home, together they stacked my washer and dryer.


The next step, besides chucking 80% of this nonsense was to move in a very heavy dresser.  I, however, was on my own for this one.  So here are my secret ninja heavy furniture moving tips.

moving heavy furniture alone by yourself

I removed all the drawers and tipped the dresser on it's side on top of the dog bed.

moving heavy furniture alone by yourself

I then wiggled it off of the dog bed and on to fluffy furniture movers.  I have these in slippery smooth for carpet as well.

They are


$21 but totally worth it.

messy laundry room

I then pushed the dresser into the laundry room and tipped it back down into position.


I'll warn you now.... I have no "after" pictures because this room is still in process.  Don't want you loosing sleep as you anticipate the finale.  It's going to be a while...