In Box Organization

in box rx, kitchen piles of paper

Trying to get all my in boxes in order again...

My e-mail in box I usually clean up about every 6 weeks.  I organize it by name of sender so I can delete, delete, delete those random GAP e-mails that magically pop up even though I keep unsubscribing.

(sorry GAP, nothing personal and it's not just you...)

I say 6 weeks because I do this while getting my hair highlighted.  Works great...Except when I have roots, it means I'm getting behind.

And let me tell you....I have roots.

As for my other papers and such, I've been using an organization system that I read about in Better Homes and Garden's Organization Issue from January 2012.

When I find random papers on the counter, or the kids come home with a wad that I just can't immediately dive into, I place them in my IN BOX.  Every couple days I go (or I should go) through my In Box. I then place the item in the DO NOW, DO LATER, PENDING, or TO FILE folders.  I keep this little mobil filing cabinet right on my kitchen counter.  I carry it to my desk sometimes and I may tuck it away when entertaining.  It is the first organizing system for the kitchen piles that is actually working for me.  I have another one for Dan that is 5 stacked trays.  It is working wall for him too.  FOr the first time, we don't have piles of paper work in the kitchen.  AND I can usually find what I need in less time.