The Mystery Of The Trees And The Cabin In The Woods


After four days in Bend, Oregon, we drove west to spend some time in the redwoods and on the beach.  At one of our potty breaks just before the border of California, we discovered a cute old camp ground on the Smith River that had washed out during a flood.  I know I live in the desert but it was SOOOOO green!


I heart the ferns growing from the rocks.

A funny story about ferns?...when garage saling with my mom when I was little, I would read the classified to see what the address was and what goodies were listed.  I read that a couple places had ferns and kept looking for a lush green fern.  I think this happened over and over for like a year.

HAH!  It actually said in furniture.

woops.  my bad.

We stayed that night at the Crescent Beach Motel in Crescent City.  Our room opened up in the back to the view you see in the above photo.  We ate dinner and again breakfast at the Harvest Cafe.  I highly recommend this place....lots of healthy options and fantastic clam chowder!

Blessed with low tide, we explored tide pools and muscles, running in and out of big rocks where you had to time the waves.

Next stop...The Mystery Of The Trees.   Paul Bunyon and his ox were found to be fascinating by my children.  Especially the way water dripped off the end of the Ox's penis when it rained.

The energy of these trees is amazing.  There were stations to listen to a schpeel about their history or special circumstances.  We rode a gondola up the mountain in the rain and received samples of fudge when we arrived back at the museum.

We stayed for two nights in a cabin at The Emerald Forest of Trinidad in Trinidad, California.  It was a clean and cute little place with a back door that looked like it took you straight into Narnia.  Dan brought back coffee and bagels the first morning from the Beachcomber Cafe.  They reuse cardboard egg cartons as to-go plates and coffee was fifty cents extra to accommodate the deposit for the mason jar "mug."  We used them again the next morning for our drive home.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the beaches and the Somoa Cookhouse.

Dun Dun Dun....The suspense! right?