Somoa Cookhouse and Trinidad Beaches


Our time in Trinidad was spent mostly on the beaches.  We love the ocean and probably could have spent a week just walking on the sand.  The access to Agate Beach, near Patricks Point State Park was washed out but we found ourselves at a near by beach and lagoon (Big Lagoon).  Apparently Agate Beach is a great place to find agates, just laying on the sand.  We lucked out and Dan found one!


For lunch we went to the Somoa Cookhouse.  This place was legit:

"This is the last lumber camp style cookhouse in operation in North America.  This cookhouse was originally opened as part of Somoa, one of the last company owned towns in the US, established by the Vance Lumber Company.  THe original building is the four left most dormer windows.  The major additions war made to house the kitchen staff.  Meals have been served here continuously for over 105 years.  Only employees were served here until the late 1960/s when it was opened to the public by Johnny Fillman."

You don't get to choose your meal off a menu, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit."  It was so tasty, everyone cleaned their plates.  I'd go here all the time if we lived closer!

Samoa Cookhouse


The Menu:

Somoa Cookhouse Menu

After a couple stops at a thrift store and the Food Coop in Arcata, we headed back up to Trinidad for more beach combing.  Our last morning we refilled our coffee mugs at the Beachcomber Cafe, and headed home.  We had a wonderful time.