Lobster Killer


Dan's folks live in Bend, Oregon. It's beautiful.

There are like a bazilion round-a-bouts and I have to chew on ginger candies to keep from loosing my lunch when we drive around town but it's super cute.

We arrived on Friday evening and were greeted by four live lobsters.  They were a gift from friends of the folks, redeemed in time for our benefit.  (Thanks guys!)

It felt kinda like marine biology class as I inspected the big guy for a while as we waited for our pot to boil.

Those eyes man!  What a trip!

It was a humbling experience to be present with the live animal that I was soon going to both kill and eat.  I'm sorry if these photos offend anyone.  I'm actually not a big meat eater but I have to say I LOVE lobster.....

I thanked him for giving his life for my supper.

Cooking Fresh Lobster

Let me explain a couple of these photos....Right as I lifted him into my hands he started to flip around to try and "get me" which sent me into a screaming frenzy.  And if you know me, you know I'm a screamer.  It think it sucked the last bit of my adrenaline because I was suddenly exhausted!

It was the best lobster I've ever tasted.


Another highlight of our trip was a visit to the High Desert Museum.  We learned about the early explorers and the kids got to pet cicada tortoises.  The museum is home to owls, hawks, eagles, mountain lions and other animals.  You should definitely check it out if you're ever in the area.

While in Bend, I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful home that I will share with you soon.  I've been drooling over the pictures....you're gonna love it!  We also took a short hike out to Smith Rock and a stroll down the Sun River bike path.

After four nights with the folks it was off to the coast so stay tuned for the continued saga of our family road trip (I know you are at the edge of your seat with excitement).