Easy Christmas Ornaments DIY Kids


I made these super cute ornaments with my son's third grade classroom last week.  It's just mod podge and strips of paper on a glass ornament.  I photocopied an old children's Christmas book at 50% size and the kids cut them into strips.  They brushed the mod podge onto the strips and then I added sparkles at the top.  Super simple.

I find it's helpful to have an easy craft for those students who finish faster then others so I gave some basic instructions to tear the papers in different lengths to form a Christmas tree.  They mod podged the paper to brown craft paper and used a stamp cutter for the star.  I later used their cards as part of the package design.

Working with mod podge on school desks means you may have to come back with a razor blade at a later date to clean so consider using plastic table cloths.  Also you'll want to wash your brushes immediately after using them before they are solid. I've found Murphy's Oil Floor Soap helps to remove old hard acrylic paint from brushes by the way.....just soak them for a couple hours.