Fairy Garden

Excavator, backyard construction, putting in a pool, labradoodle If you've been following along on instagram, you may have seen some photos of my war-zone backyard and our new labradoodle puppy Olive.  We decided the backyard was due for an overhaul and we are excited to be putting in a pool and cabana.  Of course we figured it would be done by now since we started the process in March, but of course we are still sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for the county permits.  What better time to get a new puppy!!


Part of the backyard redesign required the relocation of a shed and playhouse combination.  They are a combined unit but when the crane lifted it, they became two parts.  A pretty crazy ordeal and I'm sad that I missed the excitement as I was on an 18 mile hike from Sugar Bowl to Squaw...which was probably a lot more Zen-like then watching my backyard turn into a war zone.  I don't do well with such chaos and although I can see the completed vision, I'm having a difficult time in the interim.  (Did I mention the interior demo in my kitchen?  I'll save that for another day.) IMG_8582

Needless to say I'm spending more time in my courtyard.  With the fairies.


And the frogs.  And besides this zen frog master, our frogs are legit.  We have to turn the fountain on and off at night to scare the frogs from croaking long enough for my daughter to fall asleep.

IMG_8577 IMG_8573Hopefully we'll have a pool by fall, which in that case it will be soon there after become an ice skating rink.  Oh the joys of home renovations.