Garden to Table Feast

garden to table solstice party

My summer was so packed full of travel and fun family outings that I have only had time to share via instagram.  It would be unfair for me to not post these beautiful photos (shot by Amen Photography) of the Garden to Table Feast I attended last June in southern California.  Friend and fellow blogger Farmhouse 38 invited Dan and I down to her adorable little farm in the city to celebrate the summer solstice with a small group of talented artists and bloggers.

A perfect excuse to get away, Dan and I stayed Friday night at the lovely Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes:

Light house from terrane resort in palos verdes

terrenea palos verdes

Loved the shell sconce in our bathroom at the resort.  Would love to copy and paste this into my home.

shell sconce at terranea resort palos verdes

I could have watched the dolphins swim past from the adult pool forever.  It's funny how I once took for granted the beauty of the peninsula having grown up here for eighteen years.

adult pool terranea resort palos verdes

Saturday we headed to the garden to table solstice party at farmhouse 38, after sushi at Sugar Fish and macaroons at Bottega Louie.

A pot luck of sorts, each guest made a contribution to the evening.  Cute invitations and menus were designed by VerySarie and matched the theme's festivities perfectly.

Garden Party Solstice invitations by verysarie

menu invitations by verysarie

The cocktails were as delicious as they were colorful and they just kept tasting better and better!  On the left I'm holding the jalapeño jelly infused tequila with fresh watermelon and lime juice.  On the right, Dan has a homemade rosemary infused gin with blueberry puree and sparkling water.  Cocktails were designed and created by Marissa and Sam at Bourbon and Goose.

garden to table feast beverages cocktails from bourbon and goose

Jennie and Corelyn of Garlic, My Soul spent hours preparing the dishes.  The food was sourced as local as possible, some directly from the gardens of Farmhouse 38.

food by garlic my soul with farmhouse 38

From top to bottom, left to right:  Zucchini crude (zucchini, onions, parsley, feta and zesty dressing), Prosciutto-wrapped pear bites, a sampling of fresh vegetables, olives and salami, garden salad, macaroni and cheese and bbq'd chicken (not pictured)  You'll want to head over to their blog for recipes as everything tasted like heaven.

garden to table feast farmhouse 38 olive and love with garlic my soul

I helped myself to about three plates like this.  AH MAY ZING.

invitations by amanda at lovecreativeblog

Because most of us had heard of one another but many had not actually met in person, name tags were my best friend.  Handmade name tags were provided by Amanda at Love Creative Blog.

garden to table party olive and love farmhouse 38

garden to table feast farmhouse 38 olive and love

I arrived early to the party to get myself ready and then be featured in a couple of Ari's preparation photos so I could pretend that I had something to do with how beautiful everything turned out.  When in reality, the flowers were locally sourced and provided by the California Cut Flower Commision and arranged by the magnificent Kate at Farmhouse 38.

slo flowers at an outdoor garden to table party feast

Kate's backyard and decorations were absolutely breathtaking.  Reclaimed wood over brown kraft paper adorned a table covered in a canvas drop cloth with candles, flowers, candles and more flowers.

long table set up in the backyard for a garden party

garden party with mis matched chairs

An eclectic collection of mis matched chairs surrounded the table and an up cycled metal fountain trickled water.  Everything felt magical.

garden to table blog party

As expected with a farmhouse in the city, chickens free ranged the party.

backyard garden party

twinkle lights in mason jars under an old tree

With the help of an electrician Kate wired hanging mason jars with lights, so as the evening turned to dusk, light began to twinkle under Kate's 100 year old grapefruit tree.

twinkle lights in mason jars under tree

cheese cake in a jar

Dessert was Mimosa Cheesecakes served in mason jars and fresh baked berry pies by Juilanne at Beyond Frosting.

olive and love backyard garden to table party

Dan and I had a wonderful evening and a fun little getaway weekend together.  And can someone please tell me next time I decide to wear my glasses on my head all night?

candle light mason jar backyard garden party

With fancy invitations, centerpieces, a photographer and a group of people I didn't really know, I kind of felt like we should be expecting a bouquet toss or a father/daughter dance.  But at least we all received favors upon our departure, handmade by yours truly.  Sweet Orange Sugar Scrubs for the gents and Jasmine for the ladies.

hand made sugar scrub sweet orange

jasmine sugar scrub hand made

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