My Guardian

Life Book 2014 Tamara Laporte Life Book 2014 is hosted by Tamara Laporte, a super fun and inspiring artist with a killer accent that I could listen to all day long.  And I do…  The first week started off with a 17 minute introduction, a 13 minute meditation, a 72 minute warm up lesson followed by nearly two hours for the main lesson.  This took me three weeks.  I totally follow her step by step, pausing to catch up while listening to Pandora in my studio and loving every minute of it.  The meditation helped me ground and focus on a word and collection of colors that I'd like to reflect my year of art.

Life Book 2014 Tamara Laporte

My first true attempt at a face.  I usually avoid that part of the body.  Seriously.  If you look at all my nudes from college they've pretty much all been decapitated.

I'm trying to let go of expectations and just play, experiment, and explore.  I'm so happy getting my hands messy and expressing my creativity regardless of outcome.