A Year Of Art

art journal entry My New Year's resolution for 2014 is to dedicate time to create in my studio.  It's been my long term goal to get back to painting and "arting."  Seven years ago when I moved to Reno I told myself that as soon as I unpacked and somewhat decorated to my liking, that I would spend my time painting again.  SEVEN years.  I finally just had to tell myself to stop working on the house because it's like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.  As soon as I'm finished with one room/project there is always another waiting.  So even though you may still find me out on the side yard spray painting the gravel a lamp, I'm trying to shift my focus.  Just like scheduling time to work out (or it would never happen), I am now scheduling time to art.  Part of my process has been taking various online art courses.  Friend and fellow artist Stephanie Schleicher introduced me to a course called LifeBook 2014, weekly classes for a year, taught by a variety of instructors.  Some are not quite what I would describe as my style but then again I'm not sure where my style is heading anyway!  My goal here is to learn new techniques and different supplies while stretching my abilities and my mind.  Other courses I'm taking include Draw Happy by Jane Davenport,  Line Drawing with Lisa Congdon via Creative Bug, and a local spiritual art workshop.  The journal page featured in this post was a bonus lesson taught by Micki Wilde via LifeBook 2014

I've made the decision to share these explorative works on my blog as part of the process of opening myself to new opportunities and letting go of fears and doubts.

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A Year Of Art Olive and Love