Fake Plants

fake plants, asymmetrical display

You may remember my reclaimed wood plant display from my post about the new wall color in my family room.  The wood is from my friend Rachel's dilapidated bookshelf and the plant holder itself was a gift from my parents.  I hung it up asymmetrically on the wood to play with negative space and to bring attention to the beauty of the old wood.

On another note, please notice the plants themselves.... Only the middle pathos is actually real.  The two ferns on the sides are fake.  I'm seriously not a fan of fake plants.  Especially the ones people have on their front steps that have faded to teal.  Uh....no.  But some fakies are okay, especially the expensive ones from places like pottery barn.  These aren't the best (they're from the craft store) but pairing them with a real plant sure helps to give the illusion that they are real.