New Wall Color



Dan and I have been working on project after project recently...  so in other words, my family room is finally clean enough to share with you the new paint job!  Jerry the Painter did a great job.  If you live in the Reno area and need a good painter, e-mail me and I'll send you his number.

dark green ceiling

The ceiling is Okra by Martha Stewart, color coded for Behr Premium.

The walls are Honey Beige by Behr.

Our new couch is Macy's This 'N That in special order Flannel.

Our round room is Grass Cloth by Behr.  We decided to move the chairs from our dining room into this room because our cool chairs on wheels were starting to become health hazards.  They were broken and too cheaply made to fix properly.  These chairs are great because we can finally all be matching thanks to boosters.  We are currently getting ready for a big party so our kitchen is full of supplies.  When it clears I'll get a good photo to show you how it looks.

card catalog

I also rearranged the space on top of my card catalog in my office.

jar collection bottle caps, clothes pins, wine corks

 It's a lot tidier feeling now and displays my "collections" if that's what we can call a jar of bottle caps.

I am still looking for an armoire for the other side of my office (behind the doors) since I moved the bookshelves to Zebra's room.