Family Calendar and Command Center

family command center

For years I've been on a quest for a family command center that works for my family.  I've tried a couple times but nothing has fit 'just right' until now.

My four frames I painted with primer and then glossy Okra (left over from my bed).  Yep, I did it right on the rug in my office.  The smaller three I spray painted with the primer but since last time I forgot to clear out the head of the spray paint (by turning it upside down and spraying till it was clear) it was very bumpy and needed sanding.  The larger frame I brushed with two coats of primer.  Martha Stewart paint is annoying.  Just like the bed, these frames needed too many coats to hide the white primer.  Even my professional painter who painted my family room and kitchen said it was very watery (we used it for our kitchen island)



paint chip calendarI actually had just enough paint chips in my card catalog drawer (labeled paint chips) to make a calendar.  They are perfectly square.  In the above picture you can see how we sampled the chips with space in (left) and with out (right).  Of course Dan and I decided we liked space between, meaning I was gonna have to use a ruler and more time.

I figured the size of the frame and tried to find an even measurement to space my chips.  The white paper behind the chips is a piece of butcher paper wrapped around the cardboard frame backing.  Using stick glue I adhered the chips to the paper.


how to make a paint chip calendarIt works great.   I write directly on the glass of the frame and wipe it off when my plans always change.

Each of the three smaller frames hold typing paper that I printed off with a chart of the week and another one with their name (partially erased on photoshop for internet purposes).  I list their daily activities, chores, and goals for the week.

I framed them all fairly close together in the entry to our kitchen.  The magnet paint from my previous communication center has been painted over with the wall paint but still works great to hold spelling words and kindergarten homework assignments.

The Command Center is in a location where we can see it but where it doesn't stare us down all day.  It's a perfect system for our family right now and I love that the kids each have their own weekly calendar.  There is now room to put items such as 'library' to remind them (and me) that they need to bring their library book to school.

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