Lamp Makeover from beginning to ....End


Love Glass.  Love Orange.  Found this lamp at the thrift store a while back.  I disassembled it and sprayed the metal pieces with Rustoleum "Hammered".  After letting it dry, I wiped an ebony wood stain over the metal pieces and then wiped it back off with a clean rag.

You can see how just as in glazing, the stain remains in recessed areas, giving it more dimension and interest.  I did a similar technique with another lamp in my living room.

When rewiring this lamp, I chose to use a shorter interior metal rod and forgo putting the top 2 inch metal tube in place.

Kits like this are available at your hardware store.  I sliced it to the correct length using a dremel tool and continued with the rewiring process.  I couldn't use the original because the metal was not threaded all the way down.

Unfortunately three kids and a glass lamp in the family room don't mix:

But she was pretty while she lasted.....

Perhaps someday I'll find a use for the remaining pieces because no...I won't get rid of them and yes... I am a horder.  So for now she looks like this...

...while I try and make some decisions on what to do with my recent purchase.

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