Welcome To My Home!


Welcome to my home!

My house has a very open floor plan.  I like roominess but I crave intimacy.  It's a fine line.  I'm in search of a new light for my entry way, but have 

plans for the current chandelier


  You can see how I blocked off one of the openings to my dining room with a buffet, plants and a hanging window.  The double doors on the right lead to my office.

This is the view upon entering my front doors.  Again I have blocked off another opening with a piece of furniture.  The rubber plant above it is thriving and is a piece of art in itself.  I hope to someday find an old leaded window or stained glass to hang above the plant under the archway (not pictured).  The rocking horse I found for twenty bucks at a local thrift shop.  This find had me on a thrift shop high for nearly a month.  It's taken my three kids on many adventures. Continue on my home tour