Intuitive Botanicals

intuitive painting flowers and botanicals with zen tangles I've begun experimenting with intuitive painting this year.  Paralyzed by a blank canvas,  I am usually painting with inspiration from a photograph and a preplanned idea of the end product.   In the past year I have been learning techniques from a handful of my favorite art teachers:  Alena Hennessy, Carla Sonheim, Flora Bowley, Lisa Congdon, Sandrine Pelissier.

The secret seems to be to get color on the canvas and just have fun with it.  Don't worry about the end result and enjoy the process.  Working on multiple canvases at one time and experimenting with various media and how they play on each other has helped me to relax.  It's all just an experiment and a study in colors.  Usually this is done on a horizontal surface to keep the paint from running on to the floor.  You can tell I've been working because my hands tend to look like I've been playing with the unicorns in a rainbow for a few days.  After letting the canvas dry enough, I'll lean it against the wall or place it on my easel.  Images then start to jump out at me.  My son says he always sees frogs.  Perhaps someday I will have him help me create a piece Kermit would love.  For now I'm seeing flowers.  Using a white acrylic I return to the canvas and paint the negative space, revealing some very imperfect and funky florals.

Working on multiple canvases at varying degrees of completion gives me the choice in how I want to spend my art time.  Mixing and experimenting with color for the days I just need to let loose or zen tangle line drawing and refining shapes with a small brush or pen when I need focus.

Either way I've been enjoying my time far too much.  Clean laundry and a tidy home are totally overrated.