Girls Trip To Europe Day 7

From Girls Trip to Europe Girls trip to europe flamenco dancing barcelona

Our last full day in Europe....sigh.

bike rental barcelona spain

bike rental barcelona spain girls trip to europe

Just as in Paris, Barcelona had bicycle rental kiosks.  Apparently there is some sort of yearly membership for most so we didn't attempt it.  Ari says she can't ride a bike so I would have had to put her on my handle bars and well, frankly, that wasn't going to happen.  Here's some more information about the bikes.

tour bus barcelona girls trip to europe

We used the tour bus again as our primary transportation around the city of Barcelona, following the red route.

tour bus route barcelona girls trip to europe

We appreciated the free wifi on the bus, the chance to be super touristy from the sitting possition, and the multiple stops available for us to explore, shop and eat.

tour bus barcelona girls trip to europe

Our last day to shop for souvenirs and trinkets for the kids, we found ourselves in a five story hardware store with all kinds of fun goodies.   I bought two of these solar owl lights among other highly necessary items and filled my extra shopping bag.  Of course this was all in the morning so we had to carry them everywhere with us for the whole day.  I'm glad I had my reusable bag with me as the straps were much more comfortable then any plastic store bag.

food barcelona spain girls trip to europe

For lunch we had a collection of tapas, sausage and peppers, anchovies over tuna....

Some sort of noodle seafood dish with a plop o mayonnaise.  Thank you Ari for turning the plate so the mayo was as far from me as possible.  I mean really?  Mayo?

street vendors girls trip to europe

Ari and I bought a couple items from the street vendors during one of our stops.  They seemed really cool at the time.  Cheap scarves and dresses.  Now the dress sits in my closet taking space because it is still CHEAP.  Apparently I got caught up in the moment of shelling out money.

girls trip to europe la rambla  barcelona

We did not complete the entire route because we decided to get off at the base of La Rambla, a popular street full of vendors, artists and pick pocketers.  You really had to watch your back for the kids.  They are the ones that run around and you don't think twice about it because they're kids.

la rambla barcelona girls trip to europe

Careful what you order on this street.  We decided to grab a couple drinks, and thirty euro later ($45) we had empty pockets, full bladders and had to stumble our way through the streets.  We honestly only finished half as my biggest fear was not being able to find a potty after all that!

girls trip to europe barcelona

After La Rambla, we tried to find a little second hand store that I had read about in my Lonely Planet Guide.

girls trip to europe barcelona

Walking the streets and alleys of Barcelona, we came across beautifully painted buildings and one over priced consignment shop.

Walking the streets and alleys of Barcelona, we came across beautiful

barcelona girls trip to europe

While on our adventure, we came upon a section of town that we decided to call The Little Philippines.  "The people of my people!" says Ari.  We found a little market with all the produce necessary to make a traditional Filipino meal.  She was so excited.

Flamenco Dancing Barcelona Girls trip to europe

Flamenco Dancing Barcelona Girls trip to europe

That night we had dinner and a Flamenco show.  The dancers were amazing, as was the opportunity to sit down for a couple hours.  After the show was over, we gathered our goods and made our way back to the train to Castelldefels for our last night before heading home.



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