Black Hole Body Piercing for Kids


My seven year old daughter's little 'cousin' turned five last week.  What better way to celebrate then a couple holes in their heads?  Armed with the mandatory birth certificate, student ID (if possible) and parent photo ID, we headed to the best place in town, Black Hole Body Piercing.  We made an appointment to insure there were two piercers available so both ears could be pierced at the same time.  The girls chose small hoops with a turquoise ball closure.  This is the best type for a first time hole, as there is no backing for the shmega to accumulate.  Jessica and Taryn made both girls (and moms) feel totally comfortable.  There were no tears, although I did almost get a little choked up.  This is by far the best place to take your kids, or yourself to be pierced. Black Hole Reno child ear piercing

AND I love their mantel: Black Hole Body Piercing Reno

Thanks Black Hole!