Venus Fly Trap Terrarium

DIY venus fly trap terrarium A Venus Fly Trap terrarium is a perfect gift idea!

I'm excited to share my second video with you.  Did you see my first about my chairs?

Pick up a glass vase/container with high sides at the thrift store or one of those five dollar cookie jars from Walmart.  Mix Moss (Spagnum or Peet) with Perlite (or sand or pumice) at a 50/50 ratio.


Let it soak in distilled water and pack it into your container.  Leave a little hole to place your Fly Trap, and be careful not to set off any traps.

I single crocheted some rainbow string to use as a holder for the tweezers needed for feeding, added a bow and an envelope with a birthday card and instructions I printed from the internet.

See my new white bench there in the background? That's my new church pew I recovered from Red Chair here in Reno!  More on that when I finally finish it!