Indoor Fountain: What NOT to do

Dan and I bought our first home together in Las Vegas back in 2002.  The two story living room had this "interesting" little niche in the living room.  My dad and I caulked the inside of two two pots from home depot.  We filled the top one with a submergible pump and river rocks.  It created a lovely trickling sound for a week before the caulking gave out and it leaked a giant puddle of water on my pergo flooring.  The compressed wood under the laminate top of the pergo expanded and swelled causing a horrid ridge on the puddled area.  Thankfully it was summer and the dry heat 'healed' the flooring back to it's original condition.

So that is what NOT to do with a niche in your family room.  But it was super fun to work on a project with my dad!


I love that I've always taken photos of my living spaces.  I've been going through old photos on my computer and hopefully I'll be sharing them with you soon.  Might have to whip out the albums and scan a few too!  Because I have so much free time.