Christmas Card Photoshoot

So this past Thanksgiving I took my kids into their grandparents backyard in Bend, Oregon for a mini photoshoot.  They were all dressed in their own creativity and my hopes were to collage the photos into a simple Christmas Card.  A couple days ago I brought out all our own cards from Christmases past, only for my son to comment on the past two years of cards being "boring".  Yes I will be the first to tell you that I used to spend time thinking up and executing a massively creative ordeal.  And I did have a fun idea this year but when it came down to getting everyone dressed and cooperative, they were "not in the mood."  But after this "boring" comment my hopes were high that perhaps there would be at least a mildly attentive participation from the fam.  Long story short, it ended in tears but I did get one okay shot that worked and the Christmas cards are now on their way. Meanwhile I want to share with you today one of my favorite cards from a couple years ago.  Ya know...back in the day when my opinion had greater respect and their tiny little bodies were...shall we say....moldable...

body shaped letters Christmas card

And here's a peak at the mini shoot from Thanksgiving in case you want to see the cutest kids ever: