Succulent Terrarium Gardens

  Succulent Terrarium Garden DIYSo I have a bunch of a cute little succulents from a recent project that turned to a new direction.  I decided they would be best kept collectively in a terrarium.  I love succulents but until now, I've only really had pots of jade here and there.

Anyhow I had this bowl in one of my storage containers in my garage (in a bin marked glass.....more on this later).  I was originally going to adhere it to the candlestick you see next to it, and make a pedestaled vessel.  But as with many other ideas, that project got canned.  So I spray painted the rim of the bowl bright orange and layered rocks, then charcoal, then moss, then soil and planted my little succulent garden.

succulent terrarium garden

You can see my layers best in this second little garden I put together.

I believe it looks like a fairy could live here now.