Pinterest Inspired Ghosts

I pin all the time, but I'm finding I need MORE time to review my pins for inspiration.  More time.....LOL. Categorized in my Holiday board you'll find a link to Pottery Barn Inspired ghosts by Ashley Phipps at Simply Designing.  Ashley made some super cute ghosts that are inexpensive Pottery Barn knock offs.  I decided to make three to hang in my home:

Pottery Barn Ghost tutorial

I had the hardest time trying photograph these guys.  They are very inquisitive about their new world and kept looking around.  Needless to say I could not get them all to look at the camera at the same time.... hmmmmm... sounds familiar.


I started with three styrofoam balls.  Note that when you unwrap them, you WILL make a mess.  But that's okay....I LOVE cleaning.

Using black acrylic paint, I painted oval eyes.  All three ghosts have  slightly different shapes for eyes.

Insert an eye hook on the top.  Pull it out and squirt in some Elmers white glue and then replace the eye hook.  Let these guys dry for a couple hours.  Love my 'Mom' cup?  Ya....I bought that for my mom on the stage of Silver Spur School at the "Holiday Shop" when I was in the second grade.  My mom has since handed it on to me.


I bought cheese cloth at the grocery store.  It came in packets of 2 square yards each.  I bought three packets and cut each in half, drapping two square yards over each styrofoam head.

I hung my ghosts with white yarn from little nails tapped into the wall above the walkthrough between my family room and my kitchen.  Fishing line would be craftier, but the white yarn was closer.

For a better tutorial and cuter ghosts, check out Simply Designing


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