Master Bedroom Home Tour

West Street Bed Z Gallery canopy

Welcome to our bedroom.  No, it doesn't always look like this.  This is as close to the bed being made as you're gonna get.  Usually it's a pile of pillows and comforters.  And if there isn't a pair of Dan's socks on the floor at his side of the bed, then, well, the room just isn't complete.  But I'm not complaining.  Usually you can find wadded up tissues by my side since I blow my nose all night long and then find the need to toss them nonchalantly onto the floor.

West Street Bed Z Gallery canopy

You can see we have a curtain canopy around the bed, and tree branches are used for curtain rods.  The bedding is Ogre from Pottery Barn many years ago.

West Street Bed Z Gallery canopy

Both of my green lamps were thrift store treasures.  I painted them both glossy white but could NOT find lampshades white enough.  So....I painted them green.  Surprise surprise.  The bed is from Z Gallery.

This room is huge.  If I could cut and paste some of this space into my sad little laundry room I would. The green cupboard under my TV is from Red Chair.  The chair that matches my Pottery Barn Bedding was a steal on clearance and has faded to a yellow color since it was in their display window.

I added the second set of sheers to create another zone of space behind our sitting area (using a similar technique as my canopy bed).  This is where I put the treadmill that collects dust.  Someday I hope to add a green velvet couch to the mix....but we'll see.

I'd like to add little white pompoms on either side of the long curtains here.  I might pick some up at the fabric district in LA on Friday when I drive down with Angela!

Thanks for peaking!  Check out more of my home tour here!