Fixing Up A Cheap Thrifted Headboard


thrift store bed before and after


You may be familiar with my ceiling mounted canopy in my bedroom.  Because I have curtains hanging down the wall behind my bed, it is necessary to pull my bed away from the wall.  While designing the curtains, I began looking at thrift stores for a headboard I could attach to my metal bed frame.  I wanted something inexpensive and simple as I planned for it to be a temporary fix until I came across the bed of my dreams.

You can't beat $15 for a cheap fix.



I grabbed some bright green paint that we used for my son's Ikea bunk bed.  I planned on brushing it on loosely and leaving some wood showing through the strokes.

The color was fun but a bit too bright for my room.

I decided to add a much lighter green with an olive tone over the top.  I brushed this on loosely as well, leaving the bright green showing through the strokes.



The nooks and crannies were a bit annoying but the overall finish turned out quite nice.

A little paint made quite a difference for this thrift store find.


We had the metal bed frame attached to the lowest hole on the headboard.  It was a bit rackety but supported our weight when leaning against it....kind of.

upcycled thrift store bed green

It was still very low compared to our high mattress. The headboard would have been great if we could have attached it to the wall instead of the bed.


You can see that by the time I added my pillows, you can't even see the frame.  Not really a big deal for me because the point of this frame was so that I COULD have pillows.  But if you read my blog you may remember my dream bed.  

queen green bed

This is about as far as we got before realizing that my dream bed wasn't meant to be.  See that pile of bedding?  That's where you could have found me for the following half hour at least... sobbing.  Meanwhile we didn't feel like putting the metal bed frame back together or reattaching the headboard.  So on to craigslist they both went.  If you come by my house today, you'll find my mattress on the floor, and our pillows leaning against the curtains.  Maybe I'll find a new bed when I go to the Country Living Fair in Austin this April.  I'll keep you posted!