Olive to Rearrange



color coordinating books coordinated
Is it weird that moving furniture can bring such immense satisfaction and joy to my life?  ....Probably.  I know I've said this before but I attribute it to my need for a controlled change.  On a side note: I have some absolutely aMAZing news to share with you....in a couple days.  So stay tuned!  I promise it will be worth it!!!
Anyhow, Thaniel was keeping himself real busy painting this morning, so I seized the opportunity to rearrange a few things.
Remember my color coordinated book shelf?  Now that our kids are getting older and their reading needs are changing, we've opted to keep their books in their own rooms.
I took two doors off of a cabinet in our map wallpapered office niche and filled it with adult novels and a few vintage children's books
The bottom half of the bookshelf had turned into toy storage and quite frankly I'm tired of having four fully stocked playrooms.  In fact our whole family room is going to be looking quite different in the next couple months.  We've ordered a new sectional from Macy's and I'm thinking about painting the walls Aqua (leaving the same green curtains).  The above picture shows how it's really looking right now.  Torn trampoline in the bottom left corner, kids playing wii, and two couches pretending desperately to be a sectional but failing miserably.
You can see the bookshelf turned into a Christmas Card display for the past couple months by using ribbons, clothes pins and painters tape.  Last year's display was much cuter.

Lucky me we had a couple guys here at my house working on our heating system.  I moved the shelf from on top of my Pottery Barn filing cabinets myself and batted a couple eyelashes for them to replace it with the bigger shelf from my family room (I removed it's feet first).

I'll probably push it all the way to the right where it meets the wall.  One of the filing cabinets is a cubby for a tower computer and stores my sewing machine.  I may relocate the cabinet since this shelf is more narrow then the previous.

I plan on filling it with the supplies from my white shelves, possibly replacing the baskets with the bigger square baskets from Ikea, and freeing up a bit of space.  These shelfs may make their way to craigslist in the next month....we will see.

Thaniel's T turned out great and the paint on my floor came right up.  His fingernails (and toe nails) are a different story....good thing we have swimming lessons tonight!

As for the open space next to my fireplace... I may relocate the train table here for a while.  You can sort of see darker green splotches above the wooden feet where we tried touching up the wall with the wrong paint color.  Woops.

Remember....stayed tuned for some awesome news!!!