Disney Halloween


The family and I just enjoyed a three day utterly exhausting awesome vacation to Disneyland.

My eldest son and my daughter enjoyed two full days in costume.

After 15 minutes on Sunday morning, my little owl took off his costume for the day and said he wanted to  "punch you in the face!" if I suggested we put it back on.  Well then.....okay.

He wore it another fifteen minutes on Halloween morning so I grabbed a couple pictures for proof.  I'm surprised he didn't wear it longer as he loved receiving the attention from other guests.  ...and of course our camera battery was dead so we only have i phone pictures of our vacation.

Four out of five of us are finally tall enough for Space Mountain!  Yoda's ears are safe in the seat pocket in front of us where they remained for the next couple hours till we remembered them.  He was finally tall enough for California Screamin, but only after we stuffed his shoes with socks.

My little witch wore her costume from last year (love that!)  It is a woman's blouse from a resale shop in town.  I used safety pins to gather the arms up shorter and pull the back together.

I sat down at the sewing machine twice to attempt to sew where the safety pins were, but after the owl costume and yoda outfit I was done.  DONE.  And I do enjoy sewing!  So perhaps another time.  The concept of how to do this with thread seemed totally daunting.  The safety pins did a fine job.
Never underestimate the power of a nap!  ...and a dark side separatist light saber (had to refer to my eight year old on the correct description of a red light saber.....please feel free to correct our terminology)

Hope you had a great Halloween!  Would love to see your costumes!  Please feel free to post them on Olive and Love's Facebook Fan Site!