Prep for Back to School: Outfit Planning

It's back to school time!  For my family this means an adjustment from relaxed summer mornings to a pretty rigid schedule.  One thing that helps with the chaos is having our outfits pre-planned.  My son? Well he basically grabs a top and a pair of pants and he's good to go.  But for us ladies in the house, sometimes it takes more time.

back to school prepping outfits

I made my daughter a set of five clothes pins with the days of the week written in five different colors with five different shapes to help distinguish the difference.
getting ready for school

On Sunday nights we plan out five outfits including "choanies" (underwear), and socks or tights.  Basically everything she needs to put on in the morning is hanging on the hanger (the socks are usually tucked into the choanies).

In the morning she just grabs the appropriate hanger and she's ready to get dressed!  She has now requested we make Saturday and Sunday clips.

Planning is the key to a smooth(er) morning!

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