Filing Cabinet Kitty Litter Box


Meet Kevin, the newest addition to our posse, he joined us in August and we've enjoyed every minute.  Our cats however, have a different opinion.  Their relationship isn't exactly a perfect match as Kevin sometimes likes to chase the cats and in return, our cats like to leave us small tokens of their affection.  Milton, our Maine Coon had his usual spot in my master bathtub where he knows he can get my attention.  Kevin, however has made it necessary to keep our bedroom door closed on a regular basis as he finds it immensely satisfying to also leave surprises in unattended rooms.  And hey, you can't complain too much about a cat who craps in your bathtub.  You can however begin to get upset when their next location becomes the front door.  Like the spot where you first step into the house.

Short story long, we were undeniably in need of a second kitty litter box as a gift to our cats for their recent sacrifices they've had to make because of Kevin.  But where?  The freakin' front door?  Our first location of defecation is set up in a cabinet in the laundry room.  We have future plans of creating a cat door to an enclosed pen in the garage that will contain what our dogs view as kitty almond roca.

Unfortunately location is key here in the eyes of our cats.  But because I don't want to greet our guests with the welcoming aroma of cat food reincarnated, we compromised and settled on my office which is a close second.  So here is how our filing cabinet became a kitty litter box:

I started by removing the top drawer from a basic two drawer metal filing cabinet given to me by the neighbors. (**free** favorite).

The bottom had some sharp metal that would tear up my hard wood floors every time my 18 pound cat jumped into it.....

So I covered it with sticky felt that you can get at Home Depot in the same section where they sell those little round sticky fuzzy things you put under your chair legs.  I believe it is in the sticky fuzzy aisle.

Next I placed a 4 dollar kitty litter pan in the bottom drawer, after removing the hanging file folder contraption.

In order for the drawer to operate smoothly, I needed to trim off part of the edge.  The raw cuts are a little sharp but will not be seen or touched since once closed will be out of site and against the side of the cabinet.

For a final touch, I cut some peg board to rest on part of the top interior drawer area to provide a wider ledge.  This is totally optional and I just happened to have extra laying around from another project.

filing cabinet kitty litter box

It really looks quite nice and is containing the litter well.  To clean the litter I just open the drawer and scoop!  Except for the occasional overwhelming knock you out odor of the uncovered log, you would never know what it was for.