Thrifting Gone Wild!


Had a fantabulous thrift store shopping spree last week!  So many fun crafty projects will spawn from this collection of finds.

Wait, what's that huge white thing you ask?

A gigantor lampshade!  Perhaps I'll cover it in some fun fabric and hang it in a corner somewhere!

The lady at the register asked what I was gonna do with this twine.  I looked at it... I looked at the lampshade...and I looked at her.....Maybe I'll cover the lampshade?  Who knows what's in store.  Good luck living your day to life as I'm leaving you with such suspense!

I can think of countless idea for these little guys.  Right now they are shouting Rudolph ornaments to be made with the kids at school, but we'll see.  If I feel like dusting more, I could put them in a cute glass jar on a shelf in my laundry room.

Owls.  Metal Owls.  How could you pass these guys up?

For a dollar, I can now organize my medicine cupboard better.

This is going in my daughter's room for more storage in her kitchen area.  More pics to come!

Spent more time then usual in the clothing section of one of my favorite thrift stores.
Found a cute new fall wardrobe for my daughter!  A cute leather purse for myself as well a coconut purse.  Yes CO CO NUT!!! my life is complete.  I'm always so entertained by what my thrifting experience has in store for me.  It's as if I show up and these items are all presented to me, just waiting to come home.

And the grand finale?

Zebra was uber excited.  Until she got three-point-O's head stuck in it.  Then she was elated!

On another note, my Hollywood Red Carpetexperience was So Much Fun!!!!  The first episode of "The Arrangement" premiered last night on the Logo channel.  My friend Jenny won the first two competitions and it looks like it's going to be an entertaining series.  Tune in!