Catch Up

>I'm always playing catch up.  With the recent increase in intensity of my highly spirited two year old, I'm finding my need for down time increasing, and the availability of my time decreasing.  Therefore I find it necessary to slow down on my blog for a little bit.  I have some fun projects I've been working on as well as a couple giant school auction art projects like last year's Vase With Flowers.

The fall decoration tubs have been brought down from the attic and my kids and I are going to rumish through them to see if anything is worth dusting around.  Finally got our new chandeliers in place in our dinning room and I can't wait to show you the pictures.  But for now you may see me in your local grocery store with a kicking screaming toddler or at home dodging the metal objects being flung at my head.

And this too shall pass.....

Linking to Deep Space Sparkle a very cool website with great art ideas for kids!

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