Thrifting again...


Great shopping spree at Savers today!  Inspired by my friend Christina and her blog Second Style Skin, I decided to peruse the aisle of clothing a little more then my usual glance while Thrifting today.  Why do I find it easier and more fun to dress my daughter?  I found tons of aDORable outfits for my four year old.  This girl dresses in style.  Her wardrobe is busting by the time I get done with consignment shops and hand-me downs so I don't usually shop thrift for her.

I did manage to find a pair of shoes, a leather purse, a coconut purse and a cute Max Studio skirt for myself.  Coconut purse you say?

Yes CO CO NUT.....because I needed it.

But walking next to my daughter, who will notice me anyway ;-)

Maybe next time I'll find more in my aisle.  But for now, I'm pretty satisfied with my new purse.

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