My Vegas Trip - Bachelorette Party

>I had the best time last weekend.  My good friend Gena had her bachelorette party of twelve girls in Vegas.  We all stayed at her second home which was set up as party central with multiple beds in each room and a pool with floaties in the back.  It felt like camp.  For me, the weekend was more then the limo bus (with stripper poles) to VIP clubbing and staying out till four in the morning....followed by a day time beach club and then out at night again.  As a mother of three, I have to admit that usually the only thing that keeps me up at night is poop, puke and crying.  When given the opportunity to sleep or go out, sometimes I choose sleep and I'm excited about it (pretty sad, but true).  I was rather nervous to see how I would hold up for a hard core Vegas weekend (don't worry... we didn't wake up with a tiger in our bathroom, or find an extra baby.)  Although I needed about three days of recovery after I got home, the time I spent with these strong, confident, non competitive, friendly woman has recharged my soul and given me a new perspective on the importance of friendship.

Gena's sister Charla and friend Veronica helped make this bachelorette party special for everyone.  Before the big weekend, everyone was asked if they would like to participate in providing items for a gift beach bag or "she emergency kit" for the bride to be.

Veronica wrote little poems for each item, attaching them with ribbon for Gena to read as she opened them.  The bag items included fashion tape, bliss problem salve, beer cozie, passport cover, luggage tag, a silly button, barf bags, a "love" Buddha, lipgloss, a book about friends, after sun lotion, mints, etc.  I wish I could write the poems here for you to read as they were hilarious, but I prefer to keep my blog PG.

All guests were provided with a little box of goodies and a pink lei which we all wore to the Moorea pool beach club.  Guest goodie boxes included lip gloss, hand wipes, kleenex, gum, recovery drink powder, hair band, safety pins, shot glass, and a rubber ducky.  Our little She-mergency Kit was labeled for the party and included such items as bandaids and sewing kits.  These girls didn't skimp on anything!

All in all there were some fantastic ideas that really bumped up the party to a whole new level.  And although I'm still finding napping essential to my recovery, I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

Stay tuned for more about my Vegas trip, including some great lighting ideas and other finds at my favorite store, Anthropologie!