Blowing Easter Eggs, Painters Tape & Dye Resist


Easter? Already? Wasn't it just Christmas?

Today we spent a couple hours decorating eggs. I bought the dye kit for some change at the thrift store a couple weeks ago. It has sprinkles and speckles, paint and brushes, stickers and cardboard wraps, foil and crayons. It provided hours of entertainment for my little artists. In addition to the provided art supplies, we brought in painters tape, decorative craft scissors and paper punches, inspired by Country Living's article in April 2010.
Using the decorative craft scissors I cut strips of blue painters tape. (I had to google the correct term.....these are the scissors that cut paper in designs, also known around these parts as, the 'zig zagy scissors')
We wrapped this tape around the white eggs. We also cut out shapes from the tape with our paper punches.
Make sure to have the sticky part facing outward.
It's easy to grab the 'sticker' off the punch with your finger
Rub the stickers onto the egg to make a flush seal.
Tweezers are useful tools for removing the excess tape.
After dying the eggs, let them dry and then dab lightly on a paper towel to remove the moisture from the tape. Carefully remove the painters tape stickers.
Hard boiled eggs are not the favorite with my kids, so we decided to dye a couple uncooked eggs, and blow out their innards which was fun, gooey, messy and a new experience for all of us. We dyed the eggs first, to be sure they would sink.
Then using a fine drill bit, I drilled a hole at either end. I found it helpful to stick the drill bit in the hole and poke it around a bit to break up the yoke.
Using a baby nose syringe, I blew out the whites and yoke. After wiping the boogers off the egg from the syringe, I dabbed it on a paper towel to get the excess egg goop off the hole.
All said and done, we have a lovely collection of beautiful eggs for the Easter bunny to come and hide for us tonight.
The eggless eggs we have on display and I hope to save them for next year when we can add to our collection.