I would like to announce an addition to the Home Tour tab at the top menu of Olive and Love.

The addition to the tab is an…


as it now reads Home Tours.

Click on the tab to be taken to a menu page of home tours including my own.  If you or someone you know is interested in sharing your home, please e-mail me.  I like to photograph the home myself but I may make exceptions.

 Please check out Joanna’s home.  

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  2. Tina L. Hook Reply
    What a warm and inviting home! I love how eclectic her tastes are.
  3. LoLo Reply
    My sister's home is so welcoming, artsy and warm. Most of all, filled with love! HOME... my favorite word and favorite place to be....who would ever want to leave Joanna's?! ~Love Auntie Lo

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