5 Creative DIY Ways to Repurpose a Door

Today I have a guest post from Jennifer Riner of Zillow.  She knows my love for doors.  Just this past week I used one for a tabletop at a backyard bbq like she mentions in #1.  Pictured below is my guest room where I use a yellow door behind a mirror for a pop of color. How have you guys used old doors? using a door for decoration upcycling upcycle an old door


Doors are an overlooked part of the home, but actually make quite a statement when implemented properly. Townhomes in New York City and historical estates in Charleston, for example, are often outfitted with brightly colored doors as a nod to their city or neighborhood’s culture. You can achieve this look no matter where you reside – but what do you do with your old, outdated door? Here are a few ideas to reduce your carbon footprint and recycle an old door as a décor statement.

1. Table Top Furniture is expensive, and using repurposed pieces you already own is one way to cut furnishing costs. If you have an old door lying around, you can simply sand and stain for a fresh look. Then, attach the door to a stylish base that complements the rest of your home. If you have a knack for woodworking, consider building a sawhorse, which is basically a workbench for carpenters, but also acts a unique stand for a door tabletop. The entire piece will give off rustic interior design vibes.

2. Room Dividers If you have an open-concept living area and would like to designate a space for an office, or even a dining area, consider using room dividers to delineate functionality. Unlike floor-to-ceiling walls, room dividers are lighter and more stylish without closing off a room, making it appear smaller in size. When creating room dividers, simply attach doors with decorative hinges and position in a folding pattern. The doors don’t have to be identical, especially if you want to achieve eclectic design at home. You can also use door dividers to hide storage spaces or laundry facilities while maintaining easy access. Just be careful when moving dividers, as they aren’t fixed to the floor and can fall when not in the accordion position.

3. Bookshelves Displaying novels and books isn’t just for avid readers lacking storage space. They are also a fun design accent to incorporate in a home or apartment. Use scrap wood from old doors to create floating shelves for a minimalist, contemporary design, or use larger pieces to install built-in bookshelves for a more traditional style. Built-in shelving is an easy way to attract future house hunters concerned with functionality.

4. Large Picture Frame The border of an old door can be the perfect outline for your favorite poster or piece of art. Simply cut out the middle of a damaged door and hang the outline around your favorite images. For smaller photographs and paintings, consider cutting down the sides of doors and reassembling for a tighter fit.

5. Standing Mirror Mirrors are the perfect complement to any space. While handy for checking appearances, reflective surfaces are also useful at making small spaces appear larger and brighter. Try using a repurposed doorframe, either refinished or in its original condition, as a border to a vertical, floor-length mirror. Simply lay the finished piece against a wall opposite of a window and create the illusion of extra square footage and ample natural light. You don’t have to go throwing away your old doors just yet. Instead, recycle them by getting crafty with one of these ideas. For more ideas on DIY projects and repurposing, check out Zillow Blog home improvement tips.